Manatee County Vendor Registry and Business Recovery Directory

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Manatee County Vendor Registry

Manatee County Purchasing Division invites your business to register as a vendor. We appreciate your interest in doing business with us and the time it takes to keep us informed and updated concerning the products and services you offer. Register as a vendor, please click here.

  • Registration is free and open to all prospective vendors
  • Register your business under single or multiple product and/or service categories
  • Maintain your profile 24/7, 365 days per year
  • Opportunity to receive notification of solicitations for the products/services indicated on your application
  • Indicate if you are interested and capable of providing Manatee County with goods and/or services in the event of a disaster. We may require the goods/services on very short notice during non-working hours
  • Let us know if your company can offer green products or it you offer environmentally friendly services

By registering as a vendor with Manatee County you will provide the County with an opportunity to directly solicit your company when the County has a need for the commodity or service for which you have registered.

If you have any questions regarding this vendor registration process or need assistance in completing the registration form, please contact us at (941) 749 3014 to have our Purchasing staff assist you.

Manatee County Business Recovery Directory

Manatee County Business Recovery Directory is managed by the Economic Development Division of the Neighborhood Services Department. If you are interested in providing disaster related recovery, please click here.

For more information on Business Recovery please refer to the Business Recovery section.