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These are closed solicitations that Manatee County has awarded. Click the reference number to view the details of the solicitation and download any official documents associated with the solicitation record.

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Reference Number Bid Opening Date and Time Information Conference Date & Time Category Status Awarded To Description Contact Name & Phone
18-R067589CB None None NC Awarded Labworks LLC

NC #R067589CB

LABWORKS Assist Software Support Plan Renewal

Charles Bentley
18-R067694SR None None NC Awarded

NC # 18-R067694SR

Marketing Direct Passenger Service from White Plains, NY

Stacia Raposa
18-R067669CB None None NC Awarded Poolsure

NC #18-R067669CB

UCapIt CAP 5 Refrigerated Dispensing Machines

Charles Bentley
16-2894CB None None SS Awarded Selectron Technologies Inc

Sole Source #16-2894CB

Annual Support and Maintenance Agreement for IVR System

Charles Bentley
16-2943BLS None None NC Awarded Priority Dispatch Corporation

Non Competitive #16-2943BLS

Annual Software Support Certification and Training

Bonnie Sietman
17-0565GE None None NC Awarded Sarasota Bradenton Airport

Non Competitive #17-0565GE

Marketing Direct Passenger Service from Portland ME

George Earnest
17-0644CB None None NC Awarded Bright House Networks

Non Competitive #17-0644CB

Airtime for Recycling Program Commercials Package

Charles Bentley
18-R067501SR None None NC Awarded

NC #18-R067501SR

Replacement Tarps

Stacia Raposa
18-R068053CB None None SS Awarded Coastal Netting Company

Sole Source # 18-R068053CB

Portable Litter Containment Units

Charles Bentley
18-R068722OV None None SS Awarded

Single Source # 18-R068722OV

Refurbish the Existing EIMCO Carrousel Aerators

Olga Valcich
1,765 items found, displaying 91 to 100.[First/Prev] 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 [Next/Last]