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Blair Getz

Monday January 14, 2013 1:00 PM
Commodity or Service description:

RFP 13-0168BG

General Planning Consulting Services


Manatee County Area Transit

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13-0168BG Source Selection.pdf 186334 Apr 4, 2013 13-0168BG
13-0168BG Award Document.pdf 171588 Mar 6, 2013 13-0168BG
Notice Evaluation Committee Meeting.doc 31744 Feb 5, 2013 13-0168BG
13-0168BG Notice Evaluation Meetingl.pdf 21898 Jan 29, 2013 13-0168BG
13-0168BG Request for Proposal.pdf 1096587 Dec 12, 2012 13-0168BG
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